IC Card Prepaid Water Meter

IC Card Prepaid Water Meter

Water meter is used for controlling water used volume by Touchless IC card, from DN15-DN25

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  • Product Description
  • Model: PM-AD 

    Multi jet dry type, Accuracy up to R100, Brass meter casing
    LCD display ,constantly display
    The meter base and valve is magnetic drive
    External battery placement and easy to replace

     Residential area for DN15mm1/2”and DN20mm(3/4”)

    Water temperature : 0.1
    ~ 50
    Working pressure: 10 bar (16 bar on request) 

    Max reading: 99,999 m3
    Min reading: 0.00005 m3
    Product technical standards: ISO4064
    Maximum error tolerance of base meter conforms to the
    requirement of the ISO4064 international-level meter.
    Pressure resistance intensity: 1.6MPa, 15min
    Pressure loss: <= 0.1 MPa

     Working voltage: DC3.6V±0.6V

    Static current: <= 20 uA
    Operating current: <40mA (temperature 15 ~ 35 )

    Controller precision: <= 0.1%
    Controller’s reliability (MTBF): >= 2000h
    Durability performance: socket >100,000 times, electrically controlled
    valve >10,000 times
    Movement range of electro-mechanic driven diaphragm valve

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