STS Smart Prepaid Water Meter

Multi-jet STS keypad Prepaid Water Meter

The LXS-15/20/25K series is an STS (Standard Transfer Specification) compliant, electronic valve controlled water meter. With LXS-K series you are assured of continuously good metrology and revenue protection at the same time.


ultrasonic flow meter vendors
ultrasonic flow meter vendors

RF STS Prepayment Water Meter System consists of smart water meter and separate
keypad, which is defined as Customer Interface Unit (CIU).
By adopting Radio Frequency Communication Technology, Smart Water Meter could
communicate with CIU conveniently to realize remote meter recharge, parameter inquiry
etc. functions; which provides comprehensive, reliable, advanced smart prepayment
solutions to water utilities & authorities.
Moreover, Automatic Meter Reading with/without valve control (AMR/AMI) function is also
available, which could realize remote meter data collection & monitor;
It is compatible with both velocity and volumetric type water meter, which comply with
OIMLR49, ISO4064. and conforms to STS standard protocol.

prepaid water meter india
prepaid water meter india
ultrasonic water meter price
ultrasonic water meter price

Main Features
DN15, 20 and 25
Perfectly water tight (IP67 above) for all harsh and humid environment
Light and easy to handle
Recharge by inputting 20 digits TOKEN in IR keypad.
Prepaid and post-paid mode swappable
Low power usage and low failure rate
Over 10 yearsdata storage in absence of power
Prepared for AMR functions with RF, MODBUS, and RS485 (on request)
Available with EMC, ESD, EMI approval

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