Test bench

Test bench

Water Meter Test bench


  • Product Description
  • Techinal Specifications:


    Gravimetric sensor accuracy : 1/30000

    Circulating pump:  2.2KW

    Part series pneumatic clamping the set of water meters, concentricity <1mm

    Energy -supply accuracy: 1/25000

    The pneumatic commutation response time 0.2s

    Test range: 15mm-25mm dry/wet type water meter

    Save all of water meters testing data,  test records check, correction, statistics, print and other database functions

  •  Features:

    1. High efficiency: Automatic meter high-speed camera calibration apparatus of the most commonly used "test weighing method", based on a high-speed camera device dynamic acquisition meter plum pointer, advanced theory, detection time is very fast, normal Q3, Q2, Q1 this 3 a flow calibration R> 80 full               calibration 3:40 min, R> 125 full parity 5:20 minutes, 10 times the speed of ordinary time check mode.

    2.High automation: After installing the meter, click "Start" , bar code gun sweep into the meter system, the device automatically in order to complete nominal, boundaries, verification of minimum flow.

    3.  Strong data management capabilities: software can automate the entire process of testing and verification draw conclusions, you can save all the water meter testing data, with perfect function test records check, correction, statistics, printing and so on, you can also implement multiple testing device                       networking, meter data to achieve unified management, unified query, so-called Internet + mode.

    4.  Advanced technology: one ten thousandth precision electronics, high-speed laser sampling, high-resolution servo motor control point flow meter flow meter to achieve stepless adjustment, can be set up to ten pre-flow point, can reach 300 liters -6300 liters stepless, import water pumps, to ensure the flow meter           set point value; goods into the high-speed valve to achieve zero wait commutation; inlet temperature sensor, the temperature compensation is more accurate.

    5.   Energy efficient: its own water circulation system, water-saving; check speed is 5-10 times the normal check station, the provincial labor, energy saving; small size, saving space, fully automated, shared network, saving auxiliary materials.

    6.      The new structure: the use of stainless steel profiles, the appearance of high-end atmosphere, enhance corporate image; you can integrate move,solve  the old water meter testing station installation immovable trouble.

    7.     High scalability: automatic assembly line equipment reserved function, you can reserve a table full electronic check, check ultrasound table functions for future upgrade to the automated assembly line equipment. Normal calibration device does not have these features.

    8.   Very suitable for  old and new meter test bench upgrades of water companies: large authority of metrology institutes, water companies and meter manufacturers 


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