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A Brief Analysis of Different Frequency bands of Leakage

A Brief Analysis of Different Frequency bands of Leakage


First frequency

       The water in the pipe is pressure, when the water pipe or interface in the hole or trachoma, the pressure of water from the orifice. At this point the water and the mouth of the friction, the hole caused by vibration, the sound frequency between 500 ~ 800 Hz, the frequency of the transition to the wall easily transported along the wall to a longer distance, the transmission distance and leakage The size of the sound, pipe material, pipe diameter and soil conditions. Steel and cast iron (100 meters) than the cement or plastic (ten meters) tube has a better transmission performance, so listen to the valve, fire hydrant, etc. is the initial water leakage has a great help.

Second frequency

       The water sprayed by the leaky orifice produces a second frequency on the surrounding soil, with a frequency of between 25 and 275 hertz, which is easily absorbed by the soil; so the range of the surface can not be heard. The size of the sound and scope is related to the level of water pressure, the size of the water leakage, the soil and the road surface. The higher the water pressure, the greater the leaking, the more loud the sound. General use of audio leak detection, water leakage point to be in the 1kg / cm2 above. The acoustic characteristics of the sand are much better than the soil, the size and shape of the loopholes will affect the frequency and intensity of the sound. When the gate of the pad of water leakage and high water pressure, the frequency is high, the sound; when the water leakage hole, low flow rate of low leakage occurs. Hard road surfaces are easier to transmit sound than soil or sand, making it easier to measure leaks.

       Check the location of the leak is basically the use of this frequency, the general situation is the sound of water leakage location, but not all of the situation is the case. Sometimes leaked water through a certain waterway into the sewer, near the water leakage point of the soil or road hard degree of ills, near the accessories (elbow, tee, pressure relief valve, etc.) device will change the acoustic characteristics of the nearby sewer flow And so on will also change the sound intensity, so with the general audio leak detection equipment to find the maximum leakage sound is not necessarily water leakage point, but also by virtue of the characteristics of voice identification, and finally determine the point of leakage.

The third paragraph of the frequency

       Usually the water leakage will be near the soil erosion, the sound frequency caused by holes, the water flow in the hole in the swirl, resulting in fountain sound, 25 ~ 250 Hz, this sound transmission distance is very short, generally not more than 2m, Is to determine the more features of the water leakage point. The leaked master called the three voices as the sound of the sound, the sound of the sound, the sound of the sound (or water), that is, the sound of water leakage, its voice is like the sound of water will boil, as long as after a short period of careful study, You can tell that one is empty sound, that is a leak sound.

       Due to the different types of pipes, caused by leakage of the situation is also different, such as cast iron pipe, cast iron fittings is the main interface leakage, but in the cold weather due to hot and cold shrinkage factors are broken off caused by leakage. Steel pipe, galvanized pipe are mostly rotten holes; plastic pipe is crack, fracture; self-stress cement pipe is generally broken mouth or rubber ring sprang and so on. Due to the different structure of the road, the material of the pipeline is different, the name of the pipeline device and the direction of the loopholes are different. The sound intensity is also different in the listening rod.

Several Factors Affecting Leakage

       Pavement structure: Asphalt (asphalt) pavement, cement pavement sound wave propagation is wide; stone, bomb street route sonic more concentrated; cinder, gravel and dirt pavement acoustic transmission is poor, but the leakage easily exudates the road, if there are sewers nearby Check more difficult, you can use the method to see Yinjing to determine the leakage location.

       Pipeline materials: cast iron pipe, steel pipe, galvanized pass pipe exposed parts such as: valves, fire hydrants, users of water valves, water meters and other sound waves more sensitive, self-stress cement pipe, plastic tube sound wave propagation is poor.

       Pipeline device: the three links on the pipeline, elbow, pipe climb high and low, if the nearby water leakage, can also occur higher sound waves, aware of the above situation to carefully carefully check to prevent the leakage, Accuracy.

       Loopholes in the direction: the pipeline leaks up or to the left and right direction of the water, the sound waves easy to hear in the road, the water leakage in the pipe below the more ugly, the water was blocked by brick or stone, the sound turbidity, it is difficult to identify the correct water leakage, Submerged in water. English commonly known as 'Pool Leak', then the sound waves can not pass to the ground, such as the encounter of this water leakage, can only be used to view the Yinjing and drill the way to solve the drill (steel drill to pay attention to the underground cable).

       It is found in the waterway outlet or Yinjing found in the water outflow, but there is no leakage of water near the pipeline, to determine whether the water pipe leak, you can use the test syrup, determine whether the water chlorine, to determine the water pipe leak, or Stratified water. Pier or high slope below the sewer exit, or Yinjing there is water outflow, should be high to check.


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