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Check valve effectively solve the problem of water table rotation

1, in the smart water meter installed before the check valve
Since the intelligent water meter rotation is due to pressure fluctuations, water is caused by compression, you can consider the installation of check valve, check valve can play a role in preventing water backflow. In this way, when the pressure rises, the water is compressed, the smart meter produces a positive rotation; when the pressure is reduced, the check valve is automatically closed and the smart meter does not rotate. When the pressure rises again, as long as the pressure is not higher than the check valve pressure, intelligent water meter will not turn again; intelligent water meter rotation is mainly intelligent water meter reciprocating several times to accumulate a lot of water, install the check valve can Reduce the frequency of intelligent water meter rotation, it can be a good solution to the pressure fluctuations caused by intelligent water meter rotation problem. However, due to the higher frequency of residential water consumption, and the smaller fluctuations in pipeline pressure, so check the valve with high sensitivity, higher quality requirements.
2, indoor pipe installation is unreasonable
The main cause of the phenomenon of intelligent water meter rotation In addition to indoor water pipes and water leakage, mainly indoor pipe installation unreasonable lead to indoor air duct caused by the ball, so in the future work should be done.
3, to exclude the pipeline of gas precipitation
In the design of the pipeline according to the characteristics of the rational layout of the exhaust valve, the timely removal of pipeline gas precipitation; new pipe or newly installed household table for the first time when the water should be slowly open the valve, try to empty the air inside the pipeline to reduce the water containing Gas volume.
4, to reduce the pipe bending point, break points
In the case of a new order table, the pipes should be laid along a certain angle when the pipes in the homes of the residents should be installed, reducing the pipe bending points and vertices, and designing the highest points of the pipes on a frequently used faucet, The opportunity to produce airbags.
5, in the smart water meter home, may lead to changes in the direction of the user's home water caused by some of the dead water pipe section, this part of the water meter after the "dead water pipe" or a higher position, or located in the pipeline Highlight the pipe, easy to produce airbags, in the construction of these pipe should be removed or modified.
6, the pipeline has a lot of gas
Intelligent water meter after the house after the uninhabited, the pipeline has a lot of gas. It is recommended in the water meter when the user to investigate the situation, when the water meter installation acceptance, the closure of the user does not have the user's water meter after the table valve, and the water meter when the user signed a contract with the user, explain the reasons.
7, the main reason for the rotation of intelligent water meters or caused by the gas, so you can consider the installation of exhaust valve. However, due to the higher price of the exhaust valve, and the installation location, pipe layout and check valve sensitivity and other requirements, but also to the pipe network maintenance management to increase the amount of work, so unless necessary, as little as possible to install the exhaust valve The