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China's instrument development situation despite the plight but still optimistic

According to the latest statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the first half of China's instrument and above the scale of the main business income of 378.88 billion yuan, an increase of 12.5%, 3.9 percentage points higher than the industry growth; total profit of 28.48 billion yuan, an increase of 13.3%.

China's instrumentation scale above the main business income of 768.19 billion yuan, an increase of 14.6% this year has been half, from the first half of the statistics, this year's instrument manufacturing industry remained stable development trend. Although the second half of the peak sales has not yet reached, unless there is a large tail at the end of the occasional emergence, the main income fear can not break 800 billion yuan.

It is learned that the smart grid, water network, heat reform required for the current heat meter on the impact of the instrument industry is limited. On the one hand for the industry technical constraints, on the one hand the market tends to saturation, not completed in the transformation and upgrading under the premise of the instrument industry in recent years will not have much momentum.
This year the instrument industry "manufacturing strong base" and "two fusion" research has been a breakthrough results, guidance and development strategy has also entered the preparation work. Future instrumentation is still optimistic.

In addition to the instrumentation industry, the development of the first half of this year, the most noteworthy areas for the gas production and supply industry, with more than 20% of the main income growth rate, leading industrial development.


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