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Intelligent water network construction, including intelligent water meter promotion efforts will increase

Intelligent water network construction has been quietly rising and gradually evolved into the wisdom of the city infrastructure, an important support, at the same time, the wisdom of the city to the intelligent water network construction has brought great investment opportunities. Studies have shown that the IT market size and investment in the water sector in 2020 is expected to increase to $ 16.3 billion. With the implementation of national ladder water prices, intelligent water meter market will show a rapid growth trend, intelligent water meter and remote data acquisition system will show great advantages. Although the pure mechanical water meter in many two, three lines of the city is still the main phenotype, and the city's new water users mostly use mechanical water meters, mechanical watches have been updated smart table is difficult, but the intelligent water network construction and management of the relevant public policy Such as can be effectively implemented and implemented, intelligent water network construction, including intelligent water meter promotion efforts will be further increased.
There is a demand for investment opportunities.
Grasp the investment strategy from the technical structure
In the construction of intelligent city, whether it is intelligent water network or intelligent gas network, the technical structure of which is composed of five layers: sensor layer, communication layer, data layer, decision analysis layer and executive layer.
Perceived layer of investment options: with a variety of sensing equipment, the use of a variety of smart sensors, GPS systems and other facilities and equipment to obtain information for the city water system for all-round, all-weather real-time monitoring of the physical system. In this technical structure level, intelligent water meters, involving intelligent network chips, instruments, equipment and other manufacturers and suppliers have a great market investment opportunities.
Communication layer investment options: the use of communications equipment, instruments, instruments, transmission networks and other components of the effective integrated system to achieve the transmission of perceived data. The technical structure layer, such as telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom has a unique market size and technological advantages, and now the key is to triple-play in the interconnection and resource sharing, network equipment, communications equipment manufacturers and supply Business will be promising.
Data layer investment options: the use of cloud computing, cloud storage technology design, centralized management of decentralized resources and centralized resources to disperse services to support efficient storage and processing of massive data. In the technical structure, computer hardware, software manufacturers, suppliers are facing a good opportunity, IT consulting enterprises should seize the opportunity to cooperate with the water company, for the construction of GIS library, real-time library, asset library, production library, etc. Base library, or provide separate outsourcing services.
Executive level investment options: mainly including the actual use of various departments of the various business software and hardware. This part of the main investment areas and market opportunities are professional software development and application, automatic control equipment and devices. Products include the main station system, end products, remote meter reading system control, SCADA system, involving intelligent city pipe network, intelligent station control and so on. And its associated manufacturers and suppliers will be in which access to market opportunities.
In terms of investment strategy, the strength of large companies can choose to provide the overall service for the intelligent water network: such as Shanghai General Electric (GE) China R & D center developed intelligent water network solutions, in order to achieve the intelligent piping network system Management; professional strong business or small businesses available professional and technical advantages and service advantages to win the market.
Market strategy of market investment
From the analysis of the current regional development situation in China, the strategic pattern of the eastern development and the development of the western region will not change. The trend of the industrial gradient from the east to the west will not change; the scale of urban infrastructure construction in western China is expanding sharply; Faster than the eastern central region, it is not difficult to see that China's western economic and social and urbanization will appear unconventional leap-forward development, intelligent network construction growth will be faster than other regions. This is a rare opportunity for all types of suppliers involved in intelligent network construction, including smart water meters, smart gas meters, computer hardware and software. In the western investment involving intelligent network construction is expected to be approved high-tech enterprises, not only can get lower investment costs and production factors, the nearest market, a large number of savings in sales and transportation costs, but also access to national hi-tech preferential policies and Western Big development policy concessions, improve the profitability of enterprises.