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Ladder water price system to promote the promotion of intelligent water meter to accelerate the development

January 3, 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction issued "on accelerating the establishment of urban residents to improve the water ladder price system guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), the deployment of the end of 2015 the full implementation of urban residents ladder water price system.
"Opinions" require all localities to be in accordance with not less than three steps to set the ladder of water, the first level of water in principle, according to cover 80% of households per household users to determine the average monthly water consumption, the first, second and third level water prices at no less than 1 : 1.5: 3 ratio arrangement, the lack of water areas to further increase the spread. CITIC Construction Economic Advisory Industry Environmental Protection Industry researcher Xu Yizhou pointed out that as early as 2002, China began to implement ladder water prices, but due to the resistance to reform, at present only a few cities to implement ladder water price billing, progress is far lower than expected. However, with the increasingly tense supply of water resources in China, vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection, universal access to ladder water prices is very necessary.
Comprehensive promotion of ladder water price is the first condition of "one table" and "meter reading to the household." Xu Yizhou pointed out that at present, China generally use mechanical water meter, but its meter reading is difficult, high strength, low efficiency and other issues, has seriously restricted the promotion of ladder water pricing. Intelligent water meter can automatically complete the water meter data copy, control, storage, query, billing and other functions, greatly saving the manpower and material resources, can be efficient with the ladder of water prices to promote the full, will replace the mechanical water meter. CITIC Construction Investment Advisory "2013-2015 China's hydropower equipment industry investment analysis and trend forecast report" pointed out that the current country China's intelligent water meter penetration of less than 15%, mechanical water meter-based manual meter reading model is still in the water division management Dominate. China's annual production of water meters in 2012 about 65 million units, intelligent water meter production is only more than 800 million units, accounting for less than 15% of domestic water meter production. And the current domestic smart meter more than 80% penetration, intelligent gas meter compared to about 50% permeability, intelligent water meter permeability is still very low. Assuming that the penetration rate of domestic smart water meter reaches 50% by 2020, the compound annual growth rate of smart water meter industry in 2014-2020 will reach 25%. If the policy drive leads to the release of traditional mechanical water meter in some future years, Or will be much higher than 25%.
Xu Yizhou that, with the gradual implementation of the ladder water price system, intelligent water meter industry is expected to usher in the spring. At present, China's online running more than 200 million water meters, of which more than 90% of mechanical water meters, if all replaced by intelligent water meter, according to the smart meter price 250 yuan / only, instead of the market up to 50 billion yuan. In addition, urbanization, the wisdom of the city to promote, will also intensify a large number of new market demand, the market space is expected to reach 100 billion scale.
The future of China's smart water meter will be towards the accurate, simple, miniaturization, the direction of electronic development. As a developer should be in line with the principles of economic, reasonable, choose the most simple and most effective way of measurement. As a business should enhance the ability to innovate, improve the brand, marketing, technology, quality and other aspects of competitiveness, and promote the good development of intelligent water meter industry.