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MID Certified Low Starting Flow Rate Volumetric Piston Dry Type Water Meter

small water meter box

MID Certified  Low Starting Flow Rate Volumetric Piston Dry Type Water Meter


· It is a volumetric piston super dry water meter for residential
application in size15mm for cold water

single jet vs multijet water meter

· Compact piston design, low starting flow rate
· Higher measuring range, up to Q3/Q1: 400.
· Sealed dry dial register ensures clear reading,360° rotatble
· Magnetic drive mechanism with anti-magnetic protection
· Installation Position: any position

Standards Compliance
· Directive 2014/32/EU on measuring instruments;
· the European Standard EN14154+A1+A2: Water Meter;
· the International Organization of Legal Metrology OIML R-49: 2013(E)

Optional Features
· Several lengths and connections available on request
· Non return Valve
· Reed switch option

Working Conditions
· Water temperature: ≤50℃ for cold water meter
· Water pressure: ≤1.6MPa(16bars)

· 2pcs couplings, 2pcs coupling nuts and 2pcs washers.

Maximum Permissible Error
· In the lower zone from Q1 inclusive up to but excluding Q2 is ±5%.
· In the upper zone from Q2 inclusive up to and including Q4 is ±2%.


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