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Measuring the flow of water meters

Measuring the flow of water meters. Most of the cumulative flow of water measurements. Generally divided into volumetric water meter and speed water meter two categories. The accuracy of the former is higher than the latter, but the water quality requirements, water containing impurities easily blocked. Record the water consumption of the instrument, installed in the water pipe, when the user when the water, the table pointer or word wheel rotation pointed out the amount of water.
Prepaid water meter
The prepaid water meter is applicable to the management system under the principle of "first paid water". Some areas of our country water fee is difficult to pay bad debts, the use of prepaid water meter completely changed the meter reading and water consumption of the settlement, to avoid intensifying the contradictions, while improving the technical content of the water meter products, some water companies and Property management companies welcome this product. Prepaid water meter can be timely and reasonable to collect water charges, reduce water loss, reduce labor intensity, to avoid the meter reading activities to the user to bring inconvenience and insecurity. Typical products are IC card water meter (card or induction type), TM card water meter, code exchange pre-paid water meter.