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Smart Water Meter Installation Guide

Smart Water Meter Installation Guide
Water meter is a flow meter, is the correct measurement and rational allocation of water resources measuring instruments. China Metrology Science Research Institute of the flow of the room director, deputy researcher Wang Dongwei recently told reporters in an interview that to ensure the accuracy of the water meter in the market on the implementation of the water meter products to strengthen supervision and management at the same time, should also be the installation and use of water meters And other aspects to give attention.
Water meter installation specifications Water meter installation to consider the three major factors
The correct installation of the water meter is to ensure that the water meter accurate measurement of the necessary protection. Water meter national standard GB / T778.2-1996 is on the water meter installation requirements of the standard.
The installation of the water meter shall take into account safety, convenience and correct reliability.
The installation of the flowmeter for measuring water can refer to its corresponding requirements.
1 security
(1) in the new laying of the pipeline before installing the water meter, you must rinse the debris in the pipeline and then install, so as not to damage the water meter, or water after the normal operation of the water meter.
(2) water meter installation occasions, must be considered on-site use of water pressure and water temperature are in the water meter maximum use pressure and maximum use temperature. Small caliber civilian water meter installation should also pay attention to the connection of water meters and pipe nuts feel particularly thin, to avoid the installation of fake water meter.
(3) outdoor installation of the water meter should generally be installed protective box, should not be installed in the exposed and frozen places to prevent external damage. Winter season, outdoor installation of the water meter should be anti-freeze measures.
Description: North (north of the Yangtze River) regional water supply enterprises to install the water table location are generally installed below the permafrost, indoor heating can ensure that the indoor water meter from freezing, the situation is better than the South.
(4) to consider anti-theft, especially copper shell water meter.
(5) the location of the installation of water meters, but also to avoid corrosion of corrosive gases.
(6) industrial water meter installed in the vicinity of the boiler, the table should be added after the check valve to prevent hot water back, damage to the water meter parts.
2 Convenience
Water meter installation location should be as easy as possible to read the table, but also consider the maintenance and table for the convenience.
(1) on the installation of the outdoor water meter, choose a dry, anti-sediment, anti-groundwater immersion, pest control into the location should be very necessary.
(2) water meter installed in the ground, in order to facilitate the replacement of water meter, at both ends of the water meter must be installed two shut-off valve. Water meter front end of the expansion of the expansion device (telescopic tube, filter tank, water net) water area should be water meter diameter cross-section 1 to 2 times, in order to facilitate regular inspection, replacement or cleaning.
3 correctness
The installation of the water meter must meet the requirements of its working methods, should be in the installation orientation, dial orientation and upstream and downstream straight pipe section to meet the requirements of the use of water meters.
(1) most of the water meter has the installation method requirements. Dial on the nameplate or H on behalf of the horizontal installation, V on behalf of the vertical installation, no two symbols that can be installed in any direction. Water meter dial should be up, not tilted. The flow of water meters should be consistent with the flow of water in the pipeline. Some water meters (such as volumetric water meter, etc.) can be installed in any direction.

(2) The water meter should be installed so that the direction of the arrow on the case is consistent with the flow of water in the pipe and is coaxial with the pipe.
(3) Horizontal installation of the water meter dial generally up and not tilted. Can not light to read the convenience of reading and adjust the reading meter to indicate the orientation of the dial. Description: Some dry water meter fishing readings indicators can be rotated 360 'to facilitate reading. When the water meter is installed vertically or horizontally, the impeller shaft must be kept parallel to the pipe centerline.
(4) water pipe upstream and downstream of the straight pipe must meet the requirements of the instructions, the speed of the water meter should pay more attention to this point. Horizontal screw-type water meter and single-beam water meter on the straight pipe requirements are particularly needed. The lower part of the meter should have a higher water level (such as a faucet) or maintain a certain pressure so that the meter is always running under water piping conditions.
(5) downstream of the water meter should have any place above the water pipe position to ensure that the water meter in full flow conditions under the conditions of work.
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