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The Development Prospect of China 's Instrumentation

The world's major industrial powers have their high-level instrumentation industry. Sooner or later to become the industrialized countries of China, how to develop its instrumentation industry is a very important issue. To distinguish between capital and technology sources, the world's development of instrumentation industry is nothing more than two models: First, the domestic funds and technology-based, and second, foreign-based technology and its main. Industrial developed countries are generally the first model, developing countries are limited to conditions is often the second model, the typical example is Singapore.
China to become a instrumentation industry developed countries should take the road, whether to adopt a model is worthy of serious study of the problem. As a considerable size of the industry has been the basis of China's instrumentation industry, can out of a Chinese instrumentation industry thriving road, the rise and fall of the domestic enterprises is always the first one. The effectiveness of state-owned enterprise reform, the improvement of the level and strength of private enterprises, the potential of universities and scientific research institutions to give full play to the hope of their own enterprises. China's instrumentation industry in the large-scale foreign investment and import surge under the heavy pressure of the situation, but will not break up, not collapse, but will not die. Its survival and development lies in the market, human resources and industry base three comparative advantages, China's instrumentation industry is cultivating and has emerged with this size and ability of enterprises.
China's instrumentation enterprises will not be confined to the current comparative advantage of the middle and low-end products in the field of development, the industry's outstanding enterprises have the ability to achieve breakthroughs in some high-tech areas to break foreign investment and import products dominate the world, almost monopoly The situation. On the one hand, give full play to the industry comparative advantage, consolidate and expand the status and achievements in the general product areas, on the other hand, in the field of scientific instruments and test control high-tech breakthrough, narrowing the gap is the development of domestic enterprises.


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