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The Overseas Layout of Intelligent Water Meter

The Overseas Layout of Intelligent Water Meter

    Water meter industry has more than 100 years of development history, the product from the whole mechanical structure to the development of today's mechanical water meters, smart tables and other components of the complete range of versatile water metering instrumentation product line. China, Japan, the United States, Poland, the Czech Republic, China, Japan, the United States, China has become one of the global water meter manufacturing power. In recent years, the world's water demand has continued to grow. In addition to the steady increase in the number of economically developed countries, the demand for water meters in developing countries has increased significantly, such as some countries in South America, South Africa, some Asian countries, Russia and its neighbors. The global water meter has a scale of 1.4 billion and is expected to grow by 1.8 billion by 2025 as global urbanization improves.

    North America and Western Europe occupy the market development of China contains great potential demand

    Intelligent water meter is mainly concentrated in North America, Western Europe and other developed countries market, in general, because people for water resources management more attention to sustainable, advanced water meter measurement technology is being more and more attention. The application of smart water meter technology is not subject to regional restrictions, but the regional market drivers and restrictions are not the same. At present, the technology's main market is concentrated in North America and Europe, led by the developed areas. In the developing regions, the application of intelligent water meter equipment is still in the pilot phase. Smart water meter growth is largely driven by the North American market, smart water meter shipments are still only a small part of the total ship's total shipments. In 2010, for example, the global smart water meter shipments accounted for only 6% of all water meters, and is expected by the end of 2016, the proportion rose to only 8%.

    So far, large amounts of smart water meter sales are mainly concentrated in North America and Europe, the rest of the region is still in the project pilot phase. Successful experience in developed areas has increased the emphasis on smart water meter technology, but there is currently no significant increase in sales in other regions. I believe that in the future, with the development of major tap water suppliers have been the first to introduce intelligent water meter, the technology will be more positive, its sales will be greatly enhanced. Asia-Pacific and the Middle East market, although not yet mature, but in the future have great potential for development. Especially in China and India, the policy support and asset privatization process is very beneficial to the development of the industry. Indonesia and the Philippines and other countries for the advanced water supply technology also has a considerable demand, so its smart meter market size will continue to expand.......