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The future trend of static water meter measurement in "smart home"

The world has become increasingly intelligent, our equipment, communications and network expectations are getting higher and higher, smart meters and smart grid is a typical representative. Although the term "intelligence" has different meanings for different people, in the broad sense, intelligence means more ability and more functionality, and the ability to make informed decisions. This is the field of residential water metering with a new static table instead of the traditional mechanical water meter reasons.
We are still in the early stages of providing intelligent services to families. Driven by power suppliers smart meters and smart grid, real-time monitoring and control of electrical equipment is becoming increasingly common. This ability to access information in real time is very useful and beneficial to service providers and their clients. Through real-time measurement and status monitoring, we can understand the power situation and the impact of decision-making, and even determine the fault conditions. Naturally, it is hoped that this intelligence will extend from the field of electricity to all aspects of modern home services.
Eager to more intelligent services at the same time, people also asked to improve the accuracy of water metering, and ultimately reduce waste. It is estimated that American households leak more than one trillion gallons per year, and 10 percent of households spend 90 gallons per day. Due to the low accuracy of the existing water meter, leakage is often difficult to detect.