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The reason for the rotation of the water meter

The reason for the rotation of the water meter
1, household pipe network leakage
In the past we did not implement the meter reading to the household before the material used is steel, with the passage of time, the tube gradually aging, the water pipe network may have trachoma, after the implementation of meter reading to the household, the table is the developer , The table before the water supply unit construction, prone to problems in the connection, or pipe hoop, tee, etc. leaking; so the water meter rotation measurement. [] The solution is: you can see the parts can be repaired, can not see the buried pipe leak, only professionals to repair the repair.
There is also a situation is that their own toilet water tank leak, check the method is: in the toilet water tank put a little blue ink, stir well after the toilet to see if there is blue ink out of water, if the toilet leak. The solution to the water level adjustment appropriate point, and then check the valve is a problem, if these problems can be removed after the.
In addition, now with the increase in household appliances, but also check the water heater, the washing machine at the entrance of the point whether there is water, to understand the water heater relief valve drainage, washing machine, whether there is automatic water function.
2, the pipeline has air inside
When there is air in the pipeline, the water pressure to the pipeline to the various ports of the pipeline to form compressed air, when the pressure and water pressure equal, there is an interface between the gas and water; the pressure on both sides of the interface is zero; when the water pressure changes , The gas and water balance damage, the formation of a certain pressure on both sides of the interface to promote the flow of water pipe, through the tube of air volume expansion or contraction to change the pressure of the air to form a new balance, this process formed a water table rotation. In the ideal case, the water meter should be alternating positive and negative rotation, will not affect the measurement, but because the water meter calibration only to ensure that the positive through the water sensitivity, so for some water meters can not appear positive rotation number is greater than the number of reversal phenomenon.
There is also a situation, the water supply pipe and some containers directly connected, often produce pressure instability, and sometimes produce positive and negative kinetic energy, resulting in water table rotation.