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Water meter installation

Smart water meter is a modern microelectronics technology, modern sensor technology, intelligent IC card technology to measure the amount of water and water data transmission and settlement transactions of the new water meter and the traditional water meter generally only has a flow collection and mechanical indicators show water The function compared to that is great progress. Smart water meter in addition to the water can be recorded and electronic display, but also in accordance with the agreed to control the amount of water.
1, can be used for water records and electronic display;
2, can be in accordance with the agreed water consumption control, and automatically complete the ladle water price calculation, and can be used to store water data function;
3, data transmission and transaction settlement through the IC card, with a convenient transaction, accurate calculation, the use of the characteristics of bank settlement.

Water meter installation
1, select the correct caliber of the water meter;
2, the level of installation, the surface up, the direction of the arrow on the case with the same direction of water flow. Installation location should avoid exposure, flooding, freezing and pollution, easy disassembly, meter reading. The new pipeline must be in the pipeline of gravel, hemp and other debris washed and then installed water meter, so as to avoid water meter failure;
3, the water meter should be installed upstream and downstream valves, the use should ensure that all open;
4, the upstream and downstream water meter to install the necessary straight pipe or its equivalent rectifier, requiring the length of the upstream straight pipe is not less than 10D, the length of the downstream straight pipe is not less than 5D (D for the water meter nominal diameter). For the eddy current caused by the elbow or centrifugal pump, it is necessary to install the rectifier before the straight pipe section;
5, water meter installation, should pay attention to the lower reaches of the water pipe outlet than the water meter 0.5m above to prevent the water meter due to lack of water within the pipeline caused by measurement is not correct;
6, the water block anti-clogging performance is excellent, but the silt and weeds in the pipeline reflect the sensitive, in the course of the use should be avoided. If there are silt and weeds in the pipeline should be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will affect the normal measurement of water meters.