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What factors need to be considered when purchasing a water meter?

① Select the water meter indication type
    Generally like a word wheel as well, clear reading, easy to read. But in the north because the meter in the water meter is relatively deep, the installation of pointer type but good. But in recent years, the newly developed water meters are imported from abroad to absorb the water meter, basically are liquid seal type of counter, you can take auxiliary methods to read.
② consider the ease of installation and maintenance
    For large diameter water meters, in particular, to consider this point. So that the water meter (such as a removable water meter) that can be installed and replaced without water or for maintenance can meet these requirements. Water meter installation length and connection is also a factor to consider.
③ consider water quality adaptability
    For a variety of reasons, many occasions flow through the water meter and water to the end of the water quality is not as clean as the water when the ideal, sometimes caught some impurities (such as rust, sand, linen, etc.). In this case, in addition to the water pipe design in the pipeline to consider the installation of some filters and other measures, choose to adapt to this water quality meter or flow meter is to be considered. Relatively speaking, the speed of the water meter to a little smaller, while the volumetric water meter is the water quality requirements are relatively high.
④ cost-effective
The purchase of any goods must consider its cost performance. As a water trade settlement with the measuring instruments, the performance and price ratio has its particularity. In accordance with the basic requirements of the water meter verification procedures or through the water meter for the first time under the premise of the water meter for the use of materials, durable, easy to read, the size of the pressure loss, ease of maintenanc