small inline water meter

Single Jet Dry Type Vane Wheel Water Meter

It is a single jet dry water meter for residential application in sizes 15mm-20mm for cold water.

Plastic Polymer Body Multi-Jet Liquid Sealed Vane Wheel Water Meter

Features · Mechanical transmission movement equates to maximum reliability · The chamber of the rollers is liquid filled sealed for protecting the inner parts from the moisture and dust penetration · Sealed wet dial register · Internal strainer, inlet strainer · External regulating device, particularly suited in lower quality water

MID Certified 360° Rotatble Volumetric Piston Dry Type Water Meter Product

Features · Compact piston design, low starting flow rate · Higher measuring range, up to Q3/Q1: 400. · Sealed dry dial register ensures clear reading,360° rotatble · Magnetic drive mechanism with anti-magnetic protection · Installation Position: any position

Rotary Vane Wheel Single jet liquid sealed cold water meter

The register is contained in a liquid filled sealed housing which is not subject to discoloration by scale, dirt or any deposit;Wet dial;Mechanical transmission movement equates to maximum reliability;Inlet strainer;Particularly suited in lower quality water